Cash at the Counter ​Deposits

Some regulated and licensed gambling sites in jurisdictions such as New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware often partner with land-based casinos to facilitate deposits and withdrawals.  If you happen to be in the vicinity of these participating brick-and-mortar casinos, you may find it more convenient and easier to deposit cash at their cashier counters. This is a secure, safe, and fairly anonymous method to instantly fund your online casino account.

Continue reading as we take a closer look at the Cash at the Counter system and its available deposit methods for use with online casino games, security points, pros, and cons

Overview of Cash at the Counter Deposits

Some land-based casinos have taken their business online, running one or more gambling sites that offer slots, table games, video poker, and other exciting online casino games. Meanwhile, leading gambling sites have forged partnerships with brick-and-mortar casinos in gambling-friendly states such as New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. Players close to these establishments can make deposits to their gaming accounts with cash.

For instance, 888 Casino, which is regulated and licensed by New Jersey’s Division of Gambling Enforcement, has inked a partnership with Golden Nugget Atlantic City Hotel & Casino. Thanks to this collaboration, 888 Casino players can simply go to Golden Nugget Atlantic City and make cash at the counter deposits.  It’s as easy as making a cash deposit at any banking hall.

To use this payment method, however, you must walk up in person to the cashier at the casino cage to present your photo ID and verify your online casino account. You may also be asked to verify the last 4 digits of your SSN and/or Date of Birth before you can hand over your cash to the cashier to complete the fund transfer.

When the cash deposit transaction has been processed at the counter, the funds will instantly be made available in your online casino account. With this method, it’s possible to deposit cash at the counter and start playing your favorite online casino games in a matter of minutes. The same is true for cash at the counter withdrawals, although they require a few more steps than deposits.

Whether you want to make deposits or withdrawals, the casino rep at the counter will be waiting to help you get it done in a breeze. This increasingly popular casino payment method for US players is secure and safe. Moreover, trustworthy casinos usually have stringent security measures in place to protect your money and your gaming account.

How to Make Cash at the Counter Deposits

Unless you are far from the participating land-based casino, making cash at the counter deposits should be quite easy and extremely fast. When you are ready to make a cash deposit at the counter, follow these simple steps:

1) Go to the land-based casino in person. Make your way to the brick-and-mortar casino or any other physical establishment that has partnered with the gambling site.

2) Find your way to the cash counter. It should be easy to locate the casino’s cash counter, often called a cashier cage. You’ll find clear signs that will guide you to the counter.

3) Prove your identity and verify your gaming account. Provide the casino rep at the counter with your online casino account info and a valid photo ID (it can be any government-issued ID, military ID, driver’s license, passport, or even a birth certificate).

4) State your deposit amount. Tell the cashier at the counter the dollar amount you wish to deposit to your gaming account. Be sure to check out the minimum and maximum amount of cash you are allowed to deposit at the counter.

5) Give your cash. The cashier will count the cash and complete the transaction.

This method is instantaneous.  You can also use a variety of payment methods at the counter apart from cash. Some casinos accept credit cards, debit cards, or certified checks. When the deposit has been processed, the funds will immediately hit your online casino account. Most online casinos allow you to deposit $10,000 or more; others have even higher limits for VIP/high-roller players.

Safety and Security

Cash at the Counter service for making deposits to your online gaming account is typically private, safe, and secure. Given the nature of cash payments, your deposits have no link to any of your sensitive banking and personal information. Cashiers at the counter of the casino serve the same purpose as bank tellers. As such, you must make the deposit in person and show proof of identification with a government-issued photo ID or driver’s license, which is important in eliminating the possibility of fraud and identity theft.

Both land-based and partner online casinos put heavy security measures in place to safeguard your money and the integrity of your gambling account. Since cash turns immediately into funds in your gaming account, there’s no room for mishap or insecurity. Of course, you must follow general safety guidelines for handling and carrying hard cash.

Pros of Using Cash at the Counter for Casino Deposits

Inexpensive: There are typically no fees associated with Cash at the Counter deposits. The same is usually true for withdrawals made using the same payment method.

Safe & secure: This method is not only cost-effective and convenient for nearby players but it’s also safer, more secure, and private. No third-party processor is involved, and more importantly, you are not required to divulge your sensitive banking information.  No gambling activity will appear in your bank or credit card statement.

Quick and hassle-free: Aside from the time you will spend in the cashier line, the processing of Cash at the Counter deposits is very quick. As soon as the transaction is processed, you can expect the funds to reflect on the gaming account balance.

Easy and accessible customer service: The cashier and customer service rep are there at the counter should you need any help or clarification.

Supports cash withdrawals: You can also use the Cash at the Counter option to withdraw funds from your online gambling account. It’s equally safe, fast, and private.

Help you budget your gaming activity better: This method reduces the possibility of overspending and getting carried away.

High deposit limits: With Cash at the Counter, you can deposit upwards of $10,000.

Guaranteed success: There  is hardly any reason why cash at the counter deposits won’t go through. Once you have verified your identity and gaming account information, the deposit is a sure thing.

Cons of Using Cash at the Counter for Casino Deposits

  • Limited availability – It’s primarily available to players in Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey. Generally, this is only limited to US players.
  • Limited acceptance – There are only a few online casinos that accept Cash at the Counter deposits
  • It can be inconvenient – You’ll have to make a trip to the land-based casino and wait for a while if there’s a long queue at the cashier counter.
  • In most cases, you can deposit cash only.
  • You must verify your identity before you can make the deposit transaction

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